Friday, June 11, 2010

The Return of the Night of the Mostly Living Undead

Ok so I'm back... I had to take some time off of all my sites I had some pretty heavy stuff going on family wise and needed to deal with it. I tell ya the break was nice tho. I took about 2 weeks off of Etsy and tattoos, and about a month off of all the other networking sites. Just kinda got my head together, vegged out, played lots of video games... Oooooh I'm so hooked on Brutal Legend it ain't funny. Jack Black Metal God... The game is just balls out fun... lots of cussing and fighting and a terrific soundtrack... graphics are amazing, cameos form Ozzy, Lemmy, Rob Halford to name a few.
I've had a crush on Jack Black since his HBO Tenacious D days... I find him adorable and irresistable. I pride myself in my morning Tenacious D guitar riffs, playing 3 chords and making up stupid songs with Brad about cooking eggs, over easy, and who doesn't like the bacon, skit skat doodley dat... god I'm a nerd. Ok so Check out Brutal Legend, highly reccomend this game, its just good fun, and how can you not love a game that you need to build a hot rod called The Duece to get you around the play field... Horns Up bitches!

Spent a lot of my time just kinda chilling with my kid too, we really got to reconnect and just hang out, playing Rock Band till 3 am, being loud and silly, eating junk food, and laughing till it hurt. It was pretty good. And crisis aside, it was a good month... I think a hiatus of sorts is needed every once in awhile. I've kinda swore off of the etsy chat thing too. I was finding myself just going in almost like morning coffee and a cig... like a habit, but not even an enjoyable one anymore. A lot of women hate me in there... they seem to feel a need to bash me or talk shit or whatever. It kinda cracks me up how people who no nothing about you can make a call on the type of person you are by a shop and a name... those are the people I have no time for. I have met some very very cool people in chat, well ya'll are on my blog list so there... nerr. But the rest... they are too dull, automatic, and judgemental for me. I just can't be bothered with it anymore. For the most part the people in chat don't buy from me, don't like me, have nothing interesting to say so why torture myself... I'll talk to you fine people here who actually give a shit.

Oh yeah and the latest tattoo... this was borderline self harm, my enormous chest piece that I came up with after drawing a nekked zombie pin up chick with tattoos. I have wanted a chest piece for eons but really had no clue what to get... I certainly didn't want to go with the typical Dia De Los Muertos that everyone seems to get now, not to mention I have done so many of those on girls I want to pull out my eyes. I am working on a tattoo flash book of pin ups... I have about 11 drawn out of 50 which is my goal... so anyway I drew a killer green rotting zombie girl with bat tats and a chest piece with a heart bat... that was a eureka moment. There was my chest piece i wanted forever. Tatuesday rolled along and I had an insatiable urge to tat myself and there we have it. It was painful, not the tattoo itself but the twist and contort, absolutely horrible. Much had to be done in a mirror which was challenging... wait lets get the story straight, a mirror propped on the laptop while tattooing myself on cam with Carl... he's wonderful, finds my oddities interesting and entertaining... maybe it was just my hands on my boobs... oh well whatever. Yes and my hair is now highlighted with purple on Carls suggestion... odd at first I've grown accustomed to the pink tho I think the purple suits me better... He's good, he knows me far too well, better than I know myself apparently. Well I am pleased with it... theres some other little bits I will add later, some baby bats and stars and flies... I love flies, love to draw and tattoo them, they make nice lil additions and fill spaces easily to my undead tattoo themed body.

Ok kiddies, thats it for now... hope this finds everyone happy and well... bee back soon.