Sunday, May 9, 2010

True Until Death

Those of you who know me personally know that Sailor Jerry Collins is far more than a passing fad because he's cool at the moment. I have been in love with Collins' work since I was a kid. My Pap had a honest to goodness, for real Sailor Jerry Hula Girl from WWII on his forearm, he used to make her dance for me... gosh she could wiggle her hips. Anyway I loved that tattoo and at the tender age of 8 years old I told my Pap I was gonna be just like Jerry when I grew up. He laughed, he always did at my little girl fantasies that were never the fantasies of normal little girls... astronaut was a passing phase, so was a Carni... well not really, I'd still run away and join a side show if I could.

Yesterday I had some time to myself and I decided to work on another Sailor Jerry design... True Until Death... yes I am...

I really love the look and feel of this one, I was going to do the traditional heart and dagger but I figured i would tweak it and went with the Jerry skull and flowers. Simple design, profound meaning for me. I used to really think that it was a bad thing to be ME. I mean I have dealt with so much shit from people who don't know me, making assumptions, judgements, the usual bull shit. There was awhile in my life when I conformed. I wore the suit, worked the 9-5, played the part. I died a little bit each day. My insides were screaming to be unleashed. Finally one day I quit my day job... walked into work with a chip on my shoulder and a couple shots of rum in me and told my douchebag boss and his filthy whore of a wife to take the job and shove it... it was so liberating. Ever since that day, 10 years ago, I have been doing whatever makes me happy, whenever the mood strikes. And when I get a stare or a glare from someone who doesn't approve of my look... I just smile and say hello... theres not much they can do when the scary tattooed amazon turns out to be a friendly and intelligent girl. I love who I have allowed myself to become. I am me.

Now onto Love Thy Neighbor... this is one I wanted to do for quite sometime. I did it about 3 weeks ago so it's still in that shiny almost healed stage, I call it the cellophane stage, last about another 2 weeks...

This tattoo just has Fuck Off written all over it. I think it takes some balls to sport the Sailor Jerry designs, he was in your face, no holds barred, honest. Bad to the mother fucking bone with out even trying. Ok but those people who wear like the Ed Hardy shirts and crap, you know the ones who don't even have a tattoo, that ain't bad to the bone... that's just sad, I hate posers.

I am such a fan of his work, old school designs in general. I love the honesty in the design. No frills, to the point, just real. I decided to do my right leg as a tribute of sorts to my idol... theres big plans for this leg and it's slowly coming together, at 3 week intervals. Next is the back of my calf "Stewed, Screwed, and Tattooed"... a classic. Then the fills will be mermaids, pin ups, nautical stars, and random things like pistols and brass knuckles... yet another work in progress.... my body is.

***********When I die I'm donating it to science fiction.***********

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pardon Me But Your Doll Tried to Kill Me

What a great day today was... I tattooed my True Until Death on my leg (I'll blog that tomorrow), I slept in and i never sleep, AND My Chucky and Tiffany dolls came in!!! It was a great day indeed.
I have wanted these two for ages it seems... ever since the Bride of Chucky was released. I found them on Ebay for what seemed to be a typo on the price... all the other listings for the set were 150 on up... but this lovely couple was 75. I did a double take and then just grabbed them. The following day I get an email from the seller which read "Dr. Strychnine, Congratulations on my misfortune. I accidentally mis priced your dolls but since you seem kinda scary I have decided to do the honorable thing and ship them out anyway instead of cancelling this sale. Hope you like them and leave POSITIVE feedback." Well well well.... heheheh I freakin knew it!!!

So how bout my Tiff... Omg she is the cutest thing I've ever seen, and they remembered every last detail on her... From her "Tiff" necklace to her fishnets and combat boots... Its been a running joke amongst my IRL friends who came first? Tiffany or Dolicia... well thats silly we all know I am so way older than her...hehehe

Now on to Chucky... I noticed in the pics of all the listings he had longish CURLY hair. Thats just wrong but I was like who cares! So when I got them I just had to do their hair. Chucky got a hair cut and his hair straightened. I also pinned back the front of his hair with some staples... STAPLES? yes of course staples, watch the movie... you'll see why. But other than that he was perfect.

I'm a huge horror buff... I love to be entertained with blood, guts, mindless killing sprees, interesting ways to die, and dark humor. I think the Child's Play film series encompasses all of that. Chucky is such a douche I love it, the sarcastic little fucker. And I just love Brad Douriff's voice... then along came Tiffany in The Bride of Chucky, Jennifer Tilly is seriously on of my favorite modern day actresses. She is so sexy and goofy. Bride of Chucky is on my top ten list of "Give it a Chance" Movies. Yes it's cheesy, yes it's far fetched, yes it's a film about dolls inhabited by the souls of serial killers... how can you not love a doll that says FUCK? Theres also some big name actors in it, John Ritter for one who I adored, an awesome soundtrack including Monster Magnet and Rob Zombie!! Oh yessss, MONSTER MAGNET! Scroll down to my playlist and give #123 a listen.... Makes me want a stripper pole.

So Give the films a chance, Bride of Chucky most of all. Better yet grab them all, get a 6 pack and pop some pop corn, turn off all the lights, light some candles kick back and have a laugh and a few squeals.