Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey is this thing on?

Ok so here we go... the blogs maiden voyage....
I have no idea what I'm doing btw. I tried posting a couple vids and seriously folks I'm starting to think I'm special... you know the special of which I speak too... helmet, window licking, little bus... yeah, thats me. So no video for now, just that pic right there of me this morning, good and pissed off at the fucking birds chirping outside... little fuckers woke me up. I hate nature.

So yes another day, another week, almost nearly another month had passed since i started this account without so much as a post so i figured I better do something quick or the blog police might freeze my account... do they do that? IDK, I would do that to me. I'm hoping to be less caffeinated and less frustrated this weekend so that I can give the video a proper go. Last one was an epic fail because not only was I severely camera shy, I looked more wretched than that pic up there, I had nothing to say (probably cause I was so pissed off about the other one being unusable), not to mention throughout the vid my chair was shaking like Haiti from my dumb dog Manson who decided it was time for Battle Royale with Rope Thing (I like to name inanimate objects yes i do)... vid scrapped, didn't even make it to the cutting room.

I blame this comp... I do. It's new to me... I got it in December, just before Hexmas when everything was stupid cheap. It's really an awesome laptop, it's an HP G-60. I hadn't touched it tho till 2 months ago. Basically my kid was using it to play games on and I was using the MAC and the desktop...... Then Dr. Strychnine needed the web cam..... that's a story for another day ;D So yeah I'm just kinda getting to know this comp at the moment, and switching between 3 comps and 2 different operating systems takes talent, talent of which I don't posses at the moment.

It has become my mission this weekend to:
1. Get drunk
2. Clean my house
3. Post a video blog
4. Wash my car
5. Post some more art
Not in that order

Ok, far too much typing for 6 am.
BeetleJuice! BeetleJuice! BeetleJuice!
Fuck! I'm still here, that never works...


  1. Luv it! That's exactly what I was hoping for when I first suggested you should start a blog. Just like hearing what you have to say, no matter what, no holes barred!! Congrats!!


  2. I dont drink but i can be the designated driver.. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.. My house got cleaned on Friday.. Or so.. I have a new item coming up and I am just hoping it works...LOL.. I have never done this before so I am relying on my knowledge of crocheting to help me..

  3. Hey lady *waves and winks back* :)