Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mental Health Day

So today I decided to take a mental health day. I think it was a subconcious thing cause today was the 75 anniversary of The Bride of Frankenstein. For me a day off needs to be scheduled weeks in advance or theres this ridiculous amount of juggling clients around... so yeah, I'm leaning towards the subconcious... a Thursday night without a tattoo appointment hasn't happened in over a year.

Wednesday night I busted my ass I had a late night with a huge back piece and I wasn't done until 1 am and then I kicked out Etsy orders for the past 3 days and crashed at 4 am... overslept... woke up 15 mins before it was time to get Brad to school, but somehow we made it. We have mastered the art of the mad dash, yes we have. Off to school and oh the sweet silence of a teenage boy free home... well it wasn't silent but it was my kinda noise. I lumped around for 3 hrs dinking coffee, smoking cigs, watching my own little Munsters marathon and then decided to get cracking on a little self medicating.

Oh yes, I love to self medicate... and what is the Dr's drug of choice you might wonder... well INK of course. I'd been tossing around a couple ideas between my head and Carl and last minute decided to start on my memorial tattoo for my Nana and Pop. I was initially leaning towards a Sailor Jerry swallow design but then when I got the pencil in my hand I went my own route. It's a bit of a mix between old and new school, much like me... the final design is two swallows, a girl and a boy, with a curled ribbon with Lottie on top and George on the bottom.
I initially intended to have the entire piece done today but that was just not happening. this swallow is on the outside of my left calf and I was contorted into the most uncomfortable position ever... my leg was falling asleep, my hip was stuck, my back was aching... so I resigned myself to this being a work in progress. I'm hoping to finish the "boy" swallow tomorrow and after they heal I'll add the banner. It really is a tough thing to tattoo yourself. I notice my lines are scratchy when I tattoo myself but on others they are solid and clean. It's not like i can position myself comfortably to work like i would on a customer so i kinda am ok with the not so perfect work when its on me and the great thing is I can just go back later and clean it up if I have to.

This is the second tattoo I've done on cam with Carl... it's a whole new experience for me. I never have let anyone see me work on myself and 90% of my tattoos were done by me. Not even my son is privvy to watching me tattoo myself. Kinda a phobia I have... just one more thing Carl has been helping me get past, whether he knows it or not.

Ok, it's late... I'm wiped out. I'll post more tat pics as the piece progresses.
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!


  1. I love your choice of colours...really makes them distinctive!

  2. Ohhh too familiar with the school mad dash, love the silence of the kid free mornings, we should be so grateful for the plethora of tasks at hand and awaiting their turn, and last but not least, our vises and medications!! Here's lookin at ya with cigar in left and rum in right!! Dig so the Tat!!

  3. Too bad you say it's your own design. I can't find the original right now but I know for sure this is a bad copy of a design that is actually copyrighted. You could have credited the original artist and link back as it's the polite thing to do.