Monday, April 26, 2010

Old School VS New School

I decided to try something new with a charcoal illustration I did today. I think I've been hanging out with Carl too much, he's starting to influence my doodles now... not that it's a bad thing at all... I was always such a purest and wouldn't think of touching (or retouching) a charcoal illo but there I went and messed around with my Carnage. This is the original... It seemed to take forever for some reason. I think it was a combination of the fact that it's been 11 days since I got dirty... 11 days of tattoo after tattoo (the busy season is upon me)... I had in my head that Carnage is red not black and it was honestly driving me bats that I don't know how to paint and don't have the time to give it a whirl at the moment either... oh yeah and did I mention I didn't pick up charcoals in a week and a half, I thought I forgot how to draw for awhile there.
The original turned out pretty well I thought but I still felt it needed to be red and it was driving me mad and since I can barely paint a wall, the best I could do was to run I some filters over it and came up with this revamped version.
I have to admit that I'm actually torn between the two. The colorized version was super quick, just messing around with the filters of which I don't know how to navigate at all, so I'm thinking the more I use them the end result will look better than this, quicker, and less head scratching and cigarette smoking. But again I'm really torn... First off I have never digitally colorized a piece before so this is brand new territory for me... Second I think it might look good, but I'm not sure. Third, I think I might need a graph pad to do this right if I want to continue to do it... I decided to post both the original and the colorized version as a print on ETSY... not that anyone cares but hey hey it's worth a shot right? Feedback is a good thing too, so I'm hoping to get some input either in chat, convo, or here... as far as I'm concerned everything I do sucks, but we all know we're our own worst critics.

Ok, so thoughts on this PLEASE... should I continue to colorize/enhance/digi/whatever the originals and offer them as prints or just quit while I'm ahead?

Oh yeah and feel free to check out the rest of my Illos:


  1. I like it! The colorized version to me looks better, alive, wicked. Do it all, let your conscience be your guide. Experiment! Push the envelope. Just remember me when you're rich and famous!! :o)

  2. When I'm rich and famous I'm buying that tv off of
    I think your right, I should offer both, can't hurt.

  3. i like them both. Keep it up and you will get more practice and make it better in the long run.. They are great. I cant draw so these are wonderful.. I agee with Never... Offer them both..

  4. Nice blog. I like them both. I think I like the second one better??hard to tell.